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Overland Dog Gear is designed for Dog's on the go! Whether it is a day away or a few days away then this organized Dog luggage is just perfect and makes life so simple for travel.  

The DayAway Tote Bag meets airline carry-on requirements and has a luggage ID tag.  It includes a lined carrier that can hold up to 3 cups of food or treats.  The DayAway also features an adjustable shoulder strap, two front pockets for storage, a zippered front pocket, mesh pocket on the side, a back storage pocket and a luggage sleeve that fits comfortably over a suitcase pull up handle.

The WeekAway Bag also meets airline carry-on requirements and has a luggage ID tag.  Included are 2 collapsible, dishwasher safe silicone bowls and a placemat.  The WeekAway Bag also features 2 lined carriers that can store up to 10 cups of dog food or treats. It also features a zippered inside pocket for secure storage of items, a divider to keep food carriers stacked neatly and an adjustable shoulder strap.  The WeekAway Bag rests comfortably on a suitcase using the built in luggage sleeve thats fits easily over a pull up handle.  


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Overland Dog Gear WeekAway Bag
Product Image
Overland Dog Gear DayAway Tote