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Ecolast Springy Snake Green

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15cm Coiled 26cm stretched

Product Description

Cycle Dog - Lower Your Carbon Pawprint! 

The Ecolast Springy Snake in Green is perfect for a game of fetch or tug! It is also a fun water toy and floats on top of the water.  It's unique design allows it to be stretched time and time again returning to it's natural coiled state every time and when thrown will roll.  The Cycle Dog Springy Snake is made in the USA from post consumer recycled materials.

Additional information and key product features:
Ecolast Springy Snake Dog Toy.
Available in one size – 15cm (coiled) and 26cm (stretched).
Made from recycled materials.
Environmentally friendly.
Play fetch or tug.
Springs back into shape.
Designed to roll when thrown.
Floats in water.
Made in the USA.





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