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Product quality

Here at PJ Pet Products we are very particular about the level of our service and the quality of our Dog Chews, Munchy Chews and Dog toys.

PJ Pet Products has long standing partnerships with our dog product suppliers (one of 10 years). We have supplied over 500 tons of dog supplies through retail to the UK dog owner, so our products are tried and tested!

PJ Pet Products obtains Health Certification from the country of origin on every shipment of Rawhide and Munchy Chew that we import. This demonstrates that no risk material has been used in the production process thereby ensuring that you, the retailer are supplying pet products that are totally conformant to UK health regulations.

Furthermore, we also randomly obtain a Food Microbiology Reports from a UKAS accredited testing laboratory which tests our Rawhide Chews independently for levels of Enterobacteriaceae and Salmonella. These tests are not a legal or regulatory requirement; they act purely as a self imposed quality assurance function, giving additional peace of mind for our Rawhide Chew customers. We are not aware of any other supplier who goes to these lengths to ensure the quality of their Rawhide Dog Chew products.