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PJ524 Spiky Rubber Hedgehog


50 Pieces of our fast selling 1pcs per pack Spikey Rubber Hedgehog

Displayed on our space saving, efficient Strip Display. Our  price includes one Display Strip and 50 retail packs with an R.R.P of just £1.49 per pack!

Being an outstanding value for money product with a R.R.P of just £1.49, this durable Spiky Rubber Hedgehog toy comes in a number of bright, eye catching colours. This dog toy also contains a small bell rattle to attract the dog's attention when rolled or played with.

Toys can be fun for dogs.  Giving a dog a toy and playing with toys can help a dog owner interact with their pet. Interaction can help the dog and dog owner become more familiar. Correct use of toys can also help with dog behaviour and obedience.

As well as being fun for dogs, chewing on rawhide bones can help dogs in a number of ways:

  • their teeth and gums: the action of chewing on the rawhide helps to promote healthy teeth and gums.
  • behaviour: rawhide chews can assist in eliminating chewing if fed and monitored in a correct manner. Our quality rawhide dog chews can be used as a reward for good behaviour

Note: Always monitor your dog when feeding chews and treats.  Always ensure that the dog has fresh drinking water available. Feed the dog chew on a non-stainable surface.






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